How To: Making your own Standard Binding

HOW TO: Making your own Straight-of-grain or “standard” binding:

1. To figure how much binding to make, find the perimeter measurement of your quilt:

a.Measure the width ________ + length _________ = ________
b.Multiply the above total x 2 ___________. That is the perimeter.
Example: If your quilt is 60″x80″, the perimeter is 60”+80”=140” 140” x 2 = 280” total perimeter.

2. Add an extra 15 inches to the perimeter measurement for seaming and turning corners.
Example: 280”+15”= 295” total of binding needed.

3. Divide total length of binding needed by length of strips you will be cutting and round up to the next whole number.
(Example: if you need 295″ total and are cutting 45″ strips from the width of the fabric, you will need 295 / 45 = 6.555 strips. Round up and cut 7 strips.

4. Cut strips. (Strips may be cut widthwise or lengthwise with the grain but you MUST cut bias strips if appling binding to a curved edge.)
(For approximately 3/8″ wide finilshed binding, cut strips 2 1/2″ wide.)

5. Sew strips together with seam on a 45 degree angle. (Using an angled seam distributes the seam’s bulkiness for a smoother finished binding.)

6. Press seams open.

7. Press binding longways with wrong sides together so the finished product is half the cut width (or 1 1/4″ wide with cut edges together and a fold on the other side.)

8. To keep binding neat until it is ready to be used either Fan fold and pin through all layers, wrap around a piece of cardboard and pin the end in place or make jellyroll and pin the end.

Here is a great Video on Binding Basics — Jenny Doan reviews a skill that every quilter needs to know Binding! From start to finish Jenny shows you how to bind a quilt with no frills or tools.

Subjects covered

  • How to make your own straight-of-grain binding, bias seams to join binding strips.
  • Sewing binding to the quilt including the folded mitre corners, Joining the beginning and end of binding.
  • Threading needle and how to knot, Hand stitching binding to the back, how to fold and sew the corners by hand.