Quilt Backing Fabric

Clients may supply their own matching backing. Backing needs to be a minimum of 8″ wider and 8″ longer than your top. If, for example, your top is 50 x 50, you need batting and backing that is 58 x 58.  The extra allows us to have the needed room to attach your quilt to the frame, and you get all the extra back.  You may also choose to have binding made and attached to your quilt using one of our add-on services.

Sheets are not the best choice of backing for your beautiful heart-based quilt top.  If you must send a sheet as a backing, ensure that you have washed it in hot water a number of times to ensure it has shrunk as much as it will.

We have a large selection of wide backings at the studio for you to select at a wide variety of prices and can be purchased on the online check-out form (see Backing Options)

If you piece your backing fabric, remove any selvages before you sew the pieces together as they shrink at a different rate than the rest of the fabric and will cause puckers along the seam. Use a seam allowance BIGGER than the standard 1/4″ piecing seam (I like a 5/8″ seam or so). Press the seams open.

Quilt Backing Fabric can be purchase using the online check-out form — HOWEVER, client provided fabric (for FREE) is the preferred/recommended method.

Possible add-on fee(s) for customers providing fabric for backing

  • Preparation of backing (if needed) such as piecing and/or ironing:  $ 10/seam
  • Purchasing fabric from  our selection of wide backings at the studio :  $0.35 Per Linear Inch (1 x Length)