Let Finish your Quilt!

  1. COMPLETE THE ORDER FORM: Selecting your quilt size, batting, thread color choice and quilt pattern.  Read and agree to the Quilt Contract Agreement Terms. Pay the 50% Deposit Fee.
  2. PACK & SHIP: Once you pay your deposit, within 2-4 days within Business Hours (M-F 8am-9pm MST) you will receive an email that will contain a confirmation of a reservation.  Quilts are booked by RESERVATION ONLY.  Then you will need to take your sealed box to the nearest Post Office and Mail it to us. (Box 172 Delia, AB T0J 0W0) We will notify you when we receive your quilt.
  3. ENJOY: Work will begin on your quilt as soon as possible, and you will receive period updates and emails on the progress of your quilt.  You should receive your quilt back in approximately 14-21 days (based on current schedule) Watch our facebook page to actual turn around times.


Thank you so much for choosing Handhills Quilter and we look forward to helping you finish your quilting projects!

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Handhill’s Quilter Service Agreement

By agreeing to receive quilting services from Handhill’s Quilter, you agree to the following conditions:

  1. Your quilt will be quilted in the same condition it is received. Please refer to the flyer for proper quilt preparation. You quilt may need touch-up ironing, which is included; however, excessive wrinkles and time consuming ironing will be an upcharge. We will notify you in advanced if this is the case. Please make sure all layers are prepared properly for quilting to avoid any additional charges. The appearance of the quilt may differ after it has been laundered.
  2. If this quilt is entered into any competition, you will recognize Handhill’s Quilter as the machine quilter.
  3. We may use a variety of quilting related tools to finish your quilt and provide you with a quality design i.e. chalk, and pins.
  4. Handhill’s Quilter cannot be not responsible for:
    • any damages to the quilt caused beyond our control.
    • quilts received in poor condition. At your option it will be either be returned to you or repaired by us for an additional agreed upon fee.
    • for quilts lost in the mail. Our shipping fee includes $500 insurance when you ship it to us and that you authorize us to insure its return to you.
  5. If you leave a pin in your quilt and our longarm quilting machine needle is broken, there will be $25 fee to replace the needle. In such an event, we cannot be held responsible for any damage to your quilt.
  6. You have 24 hours after your quilt is returned to inspect it and ask for any changes to be made.
  7. You agree to pay 50% of the estimated cost of our services prior to shipping your quilt to us. As part of our “all inclusive” service, your shipping label is prepaid and we send it to you for shipping.
  8. The remaining balance of your desired quilting services owed is due within 31 days of your quilt being finished and is required prior to us shipping or picking up your quilt. Any quilt not paid for or not picked up after 31 days become our property and we reserve the right to sell, donate or otherwise gift our new found treasure.
  9. We only accept interac email transfers or PayPal with a secured credit card payment gateway. Cash is accepted only from local quilters and we never accept checks or foreign currency.

Photograph Authorization

Your quilt may be photographed to be used at our option (including advertising or website materials). In such an event, you will be recognized as the quilt designer. Additionally, your quilt, while in progress and/or finished may appear on our website, Facebook, and/or Instagram pages.