Available Patterns and Pantographs

This page is dedicated to our Edge to Edge Pantograph Quilting Patterns.  These are the all-over patterns currently in our library, but we would be happy to work with you if you have a favorite pattern you would like to use.  Each pattern is designated by number, followed by the cost per square inch.  The width of each pattern is also indicated (this will give you an idea of how many times the pattern will be repeated on your quilt).  Some patterns we can adjust the size to be a larger all-over pattern or smaller, based on the aesthetic that you are trying to capture with your quilt.

We also offer a few freehand, all-over patterns for between $.0125 to $.03 per square inch, depending on the pattern. Let us know if you are interested in one of these!

Batting and thread are additional and for a more exact quilt quote, you should use our online form.

If you are interested in :

  • Basting for Hand Quilting: Machine basting is available for customers who wish to hand-quilt. Basting intervals typically are set to every 3 inches, but this can be changed by request.
  • Ruler Work: Follows the lines and patterns in your design using a plastic ruler template.  Mainly used for geometric based tops and borders.
  • HHQ Quilter’s Choice Freestyle: Let us use our artistic eye to determine the right design choice for your quilt based on block patterns, fabric pattern and colors.
  • HHQ Heirloom / Show Quality: Heirloom Quilting services are similar to our custom quilting but this technique offers much more detailed patterns that fill each element in the quilt. Add complexity and depth to your quilt by using background fill techniques such as stippling. Highlight applique’s by stitching around these elements.
  • Custom Work: HHQ Custom Quilting services incorporates separate designs into the individual pieces of a quilt, such as blocks, sashings, setting triangles, and borders by allowing the customer to design something that is not only functional, but also beautiful.

Then please visit our STANDARD QUILT SERVICES” page for more details.

Standard Quilting Patterns and Pantographs

Batting and thread are additional and for a more exact quilt quote, you should use our online form.